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Resource Hub for the
Certificate in Depth Practices


This page is offered as a resource for you as we walk through these ideas and cultivate these practices. 


I will be adding things and updating this page as we go so make sure to keep the link accessible to you. 

Please feel free to let me know of anything else that would be helpful to add here. 

Intro to the Depth Sensibility & Archetypal Approach

Topics Covered Include:

*Our Context Collectively and in Depth Psychology
*Approved Ways and Sources of Knowing

*The Transpersonal Psyche

*Personal and Collective Conscious & Unconscious 

*Dialogue Between Known and Unknown
*The Living Image and Imagination

*Anima Mundi

*Unloading the Personal Realm

*Everything Belongs:Befriending the Unbidden Visitors

*Active Imagination 

*Noticia, Sacred Silence, & Wandering

*Befriending Unbidden Visitors

Dream Tending

Topics Covered Include:


*The Dream as Living Image

*An Overview of a Depth and Archetypal Approach to Dream




*Somatic Work with Dreams

*Working with Horrific Images

*Dream Tending: Individual

*Dream Tending: In group setting

Archetypal Theory

Topics Covered Include:

*Overview of Jung's Archetypal Theory
*Archetype: Definition and Description

*Archetype per se & Archetypal Image

*Psychoid Nature of Archetypes (both spirit and matter)

*Metaphoric Approach

*Dangers of Literalization

*Noticing, naming, and engaging with archetypal patterns in daily life 

Story, Myth, & The Art of Asking Questions

Topics Covered Include:

*Psyche Speaks in Images
*The Multiple, Dynamic, and Relational Nature of Myth

*Archetype per se & Archetypal Image

*Metaphoric Approach, cont.

* Weaving Story into Life and Work

*The Art of Asking Questions

*Working with Stories  

*Telling Stories 

*Asking Questions That Open & Guide

 Mythic Figures

Topics Covered Include:

*Metaphoric Sensibility, cont

*Myth as Root Metaphor

*Artemis: exploring this mythic figure

*Working with Mythic Figures as constellations of experiences 

*Recognizing our daily experiences as encounters with these figures

Personal Myth

Topics Covered Include:

*What is personal myth?

*Stories vs. Mythology of our Lives
*Ways of Exploring and Discovering our personal myths

*Emerging Mythologies

*Writing your life as a fairy tale

*Playing with some of your foundational stories

Body as Wild & Holy Being

Topics Covered Include:

*Personal Stories of the Body

*Collective Stories of the Body

*Somatic Unconscious
*Knowing of and through the Body

*Body love/Body Image, etc. 

*One Song Authentic Movement 

*Moving Between Postures

*Dream Tending through movement

*Movement & Active Imagination

*Five Rhythms 

 Earth as Wild & Holy Being

Topics Covered Include:

*Personal and Collective Stories about our relationship with the Earth

*Language and More-than-human Nature
*Overview of Ecopsychology

*Medicine  Wheel Practice

*Medicine Walk

*Recognizing our daily experiences as encounters with these figures


Topics Covered Include:

*Overview of Jung's theory

*Examples of synchronicities

*Making meaning, how we relate with synchronicities

*Synchronicity and the New Sciences

*Synchronicity and Spirituality 

*Ways of paying attention

*Recognizing synchronicities in daily life

The Archetype of Divination

Topics Covered Include:

*Overview of this archetype

*Synchronicity as the "seat of divination"

*Making meaning of divination

*Cultivating the practices

*Playing with the divinatory arts


Complexes & Shadow

Topics Covered Include:

*Overview of Complex Theory

*Characteristics of Complexes

*Overview of Shadow and Shadow work
*Personal Complexes

*Cultural/Collective Complexes

*Practice identifying complexes personally and collectively



Topics Covered Include:

*Overview of ritual: practice, function, and meaning

*Examples of rituals
*Personal and collective rituals


*Craft personal ritual

*Craft collective ritual

The Depth Approach to the Sacred

Topics Covered Include:

*Overview of Depth Approach

*Exploring the word "numinous"
*Spirituality and complexes

*Spirituality and genetic makeup, archetypal constitution, and personal psychology

*Explore own experiences of the numinous

*Identify rituals and practices for own daily living


Exploring our Context 

Articles and Chapters

Robert Johnson, Inner Work

James Hollis, Archetypal Imagination

Coppin & Nelsom, The Philosophical Commitments of Depth Psychology

Suggested Books

Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Carl Jung

On the Nature of the Psyche, Carl Jung

The Symbolic Quest, Edward Whitmont

Active Imagination

Vanya's Handout AI Process

Suggested Books

Jung on Active Imagination, Joan Chodorow

Encounters with Soul, Barbara Hannah

The Archetypal Approach

James Hillman, Anima Mundi

Thomas Moore, Mythic Sensibility

James Hillman, Monotheism or Polytheism

James Hillman, Monotheism or Polytheism 25 yr. later

James Hillman, Image Sense

James Hillman, Inquiry Into the Image

James Hillman, Further Notes on Image

Suggested Books

Revisioning Psychology, James Hillman

The Myth of Analysis, James Hillman


Stephen Aizenstat, Introduction

Stephen Aizenstat, Ch. One

Stephen Aizenstat, Ch. One Cont

Stephen Aizenstat, Assc, Amp, Animation

Stephen Aizenstat, Working with Nightmares

Carl Jung, Letters

Carl Jung, On the Nature of Dreams

Carl Jung, The Practical Use of Dream Analysis

Patricia Berry, An Approach to the Dream

Suggested Books

Dream Tending, Stephen Aizenstat



Carl Jung, Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious

Yolanda Jacobi, Archetypes

Peter Bishop, The Vegetable Soul

Myth and Mythic Figures

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Bluebeard

Christine Downing, Preface to Goddess

Christine Downing, Athena

Christine Downing, Ariadne

Joseph Cambell, The Monomyth

Joseph Campbell, Myth and Dream

Christine Downing, Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Suggested Books

Goddess, Christine Downing

Pagan Meditations, Ginette Paris

Pagan Grace, Ginette Paris

Body as Wild and Holy Being

Conger, Body & Shadow

McNeely, Body Therapy & Depth Psychology

Halprin, Returning to Health Through Dance, Movement, & Imagery

 Landale, The Use of Imagery in Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

Suggested Books

Awakening Somatic Intelligence, Risa F. Kaparo

The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel van der Kolk

Sweat Your Prayers, Gabrielle Roth

Earth as Wild and Holy Being

The Four Shields, Foster and Little

The Medicine Walk, John Davis

Natural World & Therapeutic Process, Steven Foster



Suggested Books

The Spell of the Sensuous, David Abram

Radical Ecopsychology, Andrew Fisher

Soulcraft, Bill Plotkin

All things Mary Oliver


On Divination and Synchronicity, Marie Louise von Franz

Suggested Books

Synchronicity: Nature & Psyche in an Interconnected Universe, Joseph Cambray

Synchronicity: Through the Eyes of Science, myth, and the Trickster, Combs & Holland

The Archetype of Divination

The Divination of Certainty, Thomas Moore

Listening to the Oracle, Dianne Skafte

Jung and I Ching, C. G. Jung

Complexes & Shadow

Suggested Books

The Symbolic Quest: Basic Concepts of Analytical Psychology, Edward Whitmont

Complex/Archetype/Symbol in the Psychology of C.G. Jung, Jolande Jacobi

The Depth Approach to the Sacred

The Idea of the Holy, Rudolph Otto

Suggested Books

The Psyche and the Sacred, Lionel Corbett

A Religion of One's Own, Thomas Moore

The Awakened Brain, Lisa Miller

The Open-Focus Brain, Les Fehmi and Jim Robbins

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