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Ways We Can Work Together...


With accompaniment, compassion, presence, and guidance, you will have the opportunity to listen deeply to your own life. 


During these sessions, we create space to look at the ways soul is speaking to you through dreams, synchronicities, symptoms, disruptions, stories, images, somatic sensing, desire, and longing.


 In this 12-week course, we gather once a week and dive into the realms of the Wild Woman – a deep soul energy that moves us, lives through us, abides all around us. 


She brings with her the most instinctual, most wild aspects of the  soul that have long been forgotten, lost, and neglected.  


This is a 10 month certificate program for therapists, healers, artists, coaches, consultants, and anyone who wants to use these practices in their own daily lives and in their work.

At the end of this apprenticeship, participants will have theoretical knowledge and practical experience engaging in depth practices in their own lives, with others, and in their creative work. 

Longing for Home


To become untethered from our natural and wild ways of being in the world, is to wander far from home.  Being too far from home for too long causes a deep ache to rise up in our hearts and brings a heavy fatigue to our bodies. 


Collectively, we continue to be in a time of great turbulence and uncertainty, when so much is colluding to disconnect us from the ground of our own being, to push us far from home. And, I know many of us are going through significant transitions in our own individual lives.  I am hearing many stories of exhaustion and weariness, along with the deep longing for support and nourishment.  We are longing for home.


But let us not despair.  When we lose our way in the world, soul calls us home. Remember, by soul I do not mean a substance or something we each have.  In depth psychology, we refer to soul as “an unknown component which makes meaning possible…. the imaginative possibilities of our natures,” as James Hillman put it.  Soul draws us into the metaphoric and symbolic aspects of our nature, deepening events into meaningful experiences. 


To be connected to the ground of our being is to be home.  Through longing and discontent, through dreams and synchronicities, through symptoms and disruptions, soul beckons us to turn toward the ground of our being and draws us close in. 

Through private sessions, courses, workshops, and retreats, we sit in presence and deep listening as we follow the threads of soul deeper into your life.  

Together we follow soul back home. 

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