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Private Sessions ~
Soul Tending and Mentoring

“When we lose our way in this world it is the soul’s way of being in touch with the world that has been lost.  We are most lost and truly abandoned when we have lost touch with our own soul, with our own inward style and way of being in the world.  Soul is the missing ingredient when things fall apart, just as it was the animating force that first brought us to life.” 

~ Michael Meade

So much of our days are devoted to tending our external lives, or our ego lives.  And of course, this is important.  Often, however, there is little value and attention given to the depth dimension of our experiences.  In other words, it can be difficult to find spaces and practices that help us look beyond the overt into what is happening beneath the surface of things. 


We are generally accustomed to looking at our lives through the perspective of the daytime ego world.  In the light of the sun we can problem solve, strengthen our will, increase social adjustment, and advance our goals.  Again, these are important parts of our lives.  However, soul work is different.


Rather than striving to reach a distant goal, fix a problem we don’t like, or fit our lives into a prescribed shape or path, soul care is about slowing down, paying attention, and letting everything belong.  It is about deep listening and befriending what may scare us because it doesn’t fit our ideas about ourselves and the world.  


In a culture infatuated with the idea of growing up, moving forward, and transcending the difficulties of being human, soul care offers us a way of growing down and learning to inhabit our lives in a meaningful way, learning to see and engage our experiences with a profound sense of participation and welcome.  


Soul tending sessions are times set aside for this kind of work.  With my accompaniment, compassion, presence, and guidance, you will have the opportunity to listen deeply to your own life.  During these sessions, we create space to look at the ways soul is speaking to you through dreams, synchronicities, symptoms, disruptions, stories, images, somatic sensing, desire, and longing.


“I can't say enough about the privilege of working with Vanya (it's a privilege, but also feels vital to my existence). Vanya's gift in communication and teaching along with her depth of heart and wisdom has opened up places in my soul that have been dormant for I'm afraid to think of how long. She creates a safe, inviting, thoughtful space that allows me to choose how deep I want to go and how much I want to look at. You can tell she has done her own personal work as well as incredible amounts of study. She is a continual learner and generously offers wisdom from the deep.  I can't imagine anyone not being blessed by meeting and working with Vanya!

Soul tending and mentoring sessions may be right for you at this time if you: 

  • Feel you are in need of support and accompaniment

  • Are in transition and need to be held in spaces of knowing and discernment

  • Feel the call to slow down and listen deeply to what your life and soul are offering you right now

  • Feel the need to cultivate meaning and depth in your life

  • Want to deepen into the fertile soil of soul and imagination

  • Long to be listened to and witnessed deeply

  • Desire to lean into the mythic dimensions of your life

  • Are looking for guidance around living a knowing and soulful life  

  • Want to develop practices and rhythms in your daily life that will help you live more meaningfully and soulfully

  • Want to work with your dreams

  • Are curious about your personal myth and the story you are living in right now 

Our sessions may include:

  • Grounding meditations

  • Deep listening as we explore what is coming up for you

  • A myth or story that may serve as a guiding light

  • Dream Work

  • Imaginal work (active imagination)

  • Attention to somatic awareness and knowing

  • Ritual

  • Helpful deepening practices for your daily life

  • Relevant teaching around themes that come up


At this time, all privates sessions are still via Zoom.

Duration of Sessions:

Sessions are 60-90 minutes


 $180 per session

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