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School of Wild Knowing

Courses, Workshops, & Events Calling Us Into Deep & Wild Knowing  


The School of Wild Knowing offers opportunities for you to cross into an ecology of the wild.  In our courses, workshops, and events you are invited to step out of the ecology of our domestication that continually asks us to accomplish more, perform our roles more efficiently, make ourselves better, work harder, or be shaped by external expectations. 

To be wild is to know what you are and what your relationship to the world around you is, and to live from that place of cellular knowing without shame. To be domesticated, on the other hand, is to live by the rules of another.


To be wild is to live by an inner law. 

To be wild is to remember what we are made of and to live according to our knowing. 

To be wild is to be faithful to our own rhythms and nature.   

It is to remember that we are nature.  


Domestication calls us into obedience.

 Wildness calls us into sovereignty. 

Our Current Offerings

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