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Seasonal Retreat Days

These quarterly retreats are an opportunity for us to leave the demands of day to day life and spend a day in like-minded community. Through story, movement, discussion, art, and reflection, we explore  ways of being and practices that support us in living more freely from our deepest knowing.. 

Our next full day retreat is on Saturday, March 4th

More details coming soon! 

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Past Retreats


 How Shall We Then Live?

On Dec. 3rd.  We will gather and circle around this question: if not the patriarchal way of being and living, how shall we live, now, into a new way of being here? 

Through teaching, discussion, story, and movement we will explore questions about where we have come from ~ continuing to name and break old curses, and we will explore new ways of being here ~ weaving new blessings around us.  As we name the old stories and curses of our patriarchal indoctrination and cultivate new ways of being, we will explore questions like:

~ What ways of knowing can guide us into new ways of being?

~ Where is our pleasure? 

~ What does it mean to live rooted and sovereign at the center of our own lives? 

~ What are some elements and practices of the knowing life? 


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