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Mentorship Program

A 12 Month One on One Offering of Accompaniment and Guidance 

During this 12 month mentorship program, you will have the opportunity to slow down and deeply listen to your life.  Not looking for fixes.  Not looking for things that are wrong with you.  Not trying to improve yourself.  Not trying to reach some kind of ideal or "should" for your life.  

Instead, you will be invited to practice knowing and holding your life in a different way.  We will listen and pay attention to your life as a tender wild creature given into your stewardship.  

Schedule a phone call with Vanya to talk about this offering! 

Through practices like dream tending, active imagination, movement, story telling, ritual, and deep listening, we will carve out time and space to offer deep attention and loving care to your life.  We will explore the myths, questions, wounds, longings, and dreams shaping your life.  

Mary Oliver asked us what we would do with our one wild and precious lives.  Here we ask a slightly different version of that beautiful question: What does your one wild and precious life plan on doing with you? 

This is for you if you want to deepen into the depth and mythic dimensions of your life, learn to care for your life with more ease and friendship, and fall in love with the tender wild creature you are here to take care of.

Limited to 4 spots.

This Program Includes: 

  • A 90 minute private session with Vanya every other week

  • Customized teachings, readings, and guidance  

  • One guided intensive weekend retreat (zoom or in person options/travel and lodging not included)

  • Email Access to Vanya

  • Online Course on Dream Tending

  • Two Part Video Seminar on Imaginal Ways of Knowing

"Vanya’s teachings have filled up a longing inside of me that I didn’t know I had. Through her courses I’ve learned how to make sense of the subtle realms of archetype, dream, and myth. These ways of knowing are hard to come by in our modern culture, and satiate a deep part of my soul. I feel more whole, now that I’m able to incorporate her teachings into my everyday life and in my work as a counselor." 

Jenny Wade

This mentorship experience might be right for you if:


  • Want to learn how to care for your life in a different way​

  • Want to cultivate a deep friendship with yourself

  • You are longing for meaningful and caring accompaniment and community as you find your way to more freedom  

  • You feel tired of the status quo and are beginning to become aware of the bullshit messages of the patriarchy, but you don’t know what else is possible


  • You feel rushed through your busy days and sometimes feel like you are spinning and trying to keep everything going and everyone happy, but humming below the surface of things is a longing for more


  • You spend so much energy doing the things you are supposed to do, but are not finding the meaning in them that you used to find or had hoped to find

With this mentorship you will receive:


Private Sessions Every Other Week

In these 90 minute private sessions, we will carve out space for you to slow down and pay close attention to your life. Through conversation, story, imaginal practices, dream tending, and deep listening we will notice the longings, stories, and questions shaping your life.  We will cultivate a way of being with your wild life that is generous, true, and full of friendship and care.  


One Weekend Intensive

During the course of the 12 months, we will plan a weekend intensive as we listen to what is coming up in your life.  Once we have a sense for what is stirring in your life, I'll put together a personalized weekend intensive retreat. We can do this online or in person. 


Customized Teachings & Readings

As we listen to your life, I will offer individualized teachings and reading resources for you. 

For example, if we notice that you feel drawn to synchronicities, I will focus on some teachings and readings on the topic.  Topics can include archetypal theory, individuation, shadow work,  ecopsychology, ritual, and much more. 


Three Module Dream Tending Course

This program includes a three module dream tending course.  You will receive this at the start of the 12 months and you may complete it at your own pace. 


Two Part Video on Active Imagination

This two part seminar on imaginal ways of knowing is also included in this program.  You will receive the videos at the start of the program and may complete it at your own pace. 


10% Discount to All Community Events

While you are in the 12 month mentorship, you will receive a 10% discount to any community events during that time.  These may include all day workshops and solstice and equinox rituals. 

To get started, schedule a call!

"In a time that is so harried with fear and furor, Vanya offers the warmest and most nurturing of spaces. Through story, song, imagination, ritual, intuition and wisdom, Vanya is forever finding a way to invite us all back to ourselves. It is a wordless gift to be in such heart-centric community -- a true haven.  To any one that hungers, wonders or wanders, this is for you. "

Kirsten Dilling

This program will help you:

  • Remember that you are not alone and find meaningful conversation and community

  • Listen deeply to your own knowing

  • Find your own permission and blessing  to live from your wild knowing

  • Return to your wild and cyclical nature without apology

  • Learn to trust yourself as the primary authority of your own life

  • Learn to connect your inner world with your outer world so you don’t feel like you are hiding an unlived life

The Investment


Payment Option One

One Time payment of



Payment Option Two

12 monthly payments of 


How to Get Started 

The first step is to schedule a call with Vanya to talk about the mentorship and decide together if it's right for you.  You can join at any time (depending on availability).  

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