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Certificate in Depth Practices

A 10 Month Apprenticeship Program

After years of accompanying and teaching from a depth perspective and engaging in depth practices, I have decided to offer an apprenticeship in the depth practices that I use in my work.  


This is a certificate program for therapists, healers, artists, coaches, consultants, and anyone who wants to use these practices in their own daily lives and in their work. 


Walking in close community in a small cohort, participants will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience engaging in depth practices in their own lives, with others they are serving, and in their own creative work.  

Participants will receive a certificate in depth practices upon completion of the program.

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In this apprenticeship, we will cover practices like:

Dream Tending

Active Imagination

Somatic Awareness


Deep Soul Listening

Myth and Story


Archetypal Symbols




The apprenticeship program includes:

Weekly zoom gatherings

Monthly private sessions with Vanya

Private online forum for our small group

Individualized guidance, support, and teaching

Individual and group depth practices

"Vanya’s teachings have filled up a longing inside of me that I didn’t know I had. Through her courses I’ve learned how to make sense of the subtle realms of archetype, dream, and myth.

These ways of knowing are hard to come by in our modern culture, and satiate a deep part of my soul. I feel more whole, now that I’m able to incorporate her teachings into my everyday life and in my work as a counselor. "

Jenny Wade


$475/month for 2024 cohort

“I can't say enough about the privilege of working with Vanya (it's a privilege, but also feels vital to my existence). Vanya's gift in communication and teaching along with her depth of heart and wisdom has opened up places in my soul that have been dormant for I'm afraid to think of how long. She creates a safe, inviting, thoughtful space that allows me to choose how deep I want to go and how much I want to look at. You can tell she has done her own personal work as well as incredible amounts of study. She is a continual learner and generously offers wisdom from the deep.  I can't imagine anyone not being blessed by meeting and working with Vanya!”


- Hayden

This apprenticeship will empower you to ingrate these practices into your daily life and prepare you to offer these practices to those you serve and engage with them in your creative work. 

After this program, you will be empowered and prepared to: 

  • Work with your own and others' dreams

  • Engage in imaginal ways of knowing 

  • Weave myth and story into your psychological, spiritual, and creative work

  • Apply an archetypal approach to daily living

  • Engage in ecopsychological practices in your life and work

  • Craft rituals for yourself and your clients

  • Use somatic awareness and movement as a way of knowing 

To get started, schedule a call!

The next cohort starts in February 2024

If you are interested, let's talk!


 Schedule a 30 minute call with me about the apprenticeship certificate program and the application process. 

I look forward to speaking with you!

Let's Talk

Thank you! I'll be in touch soon!

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